Symphony No. 4 in C "Song of Creation"

Tanner’s Symphony No. 4 in C “Song of Creation” is the monumental summit to a lifetime producing large-scale musical works. It is scored for large symphony orchestra, pipe organ, celeste, harp, piano and two brass quartets [placed on either side of the audience in the auditorium], with expanded percussion including Japanese taiko [drums], traditional Hawaiian instruments and Balinese deep-pitched gongs.

The subject of the symphony is a meditation on the nature-cycle of creation/destruction as exemplified by Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii Island and reconciled through a duality of Hawaiian and Christian cosmologies. To date, the overall structure of the work has been plotted, approximately one-third of the music has been composed, and a “virtual performance” created.

I: Theme - Song of Creation; Variation 1 - in C

II: Variation 2 - in G "Crystalline Surface of the New Flow"

It is a sad fact music-support foundations provide no funding for creative projects specifically by older composers. While there are many grants and support programs to encourage young composers at the start of their careers [we all agree this is a worthy effort], and for "emerging" composers in mid-career, there is a veritable desert of prospects facing senior composers.

For this reason, composer Tanner is asking for your financial support which will enable him to complete this pinnacle of his life’s work. Please go to Participate where contributions can be made. In the Comments block please let us know if you want to receive occasional updates on the progress of the music, including sound recordings.

A most heartfelt THANKS for your support.